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CareerHQ will:

Help you identify career and study options that suit your lifestyle considerations;

Help you identify your behavioural strengths and create greater self-awareness around WHY certain options may or may not suit you;
Help you create a personalised plan through which your Player Development Officer can help create meaningful outcomes for you.
The 3 CareerHQ Offerings
CareerHQ Compass
An online career tool that matches your strengths, interests and lifestyle considerations to help you clarify career or study options.
With our partner Thomas International, this behavioural profile helps you identify your unique behavioural strengths and motivators and how they relate to work.
Occupational Database
One of the world's leading private career databases, explaining over 900 occupations including required skills, working conditions and related jobs.
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2. Your Career Summary Report is visible only by your Performance Lifestyle Manager and senior performance lifestyle staff.
3. No information collected is shared with coaching staff without your prior permission.

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